Mental health is the hottest health topic, whether on Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, Snapchat, TV, radio or in everyday conversation, everyone has their own views on it. youth mental health

In the MAD Group we also have our own take on mental health, but don’t be fooled by our name! MAD stands for Making a Difference.

We are young people who are in care or who have left care – we work with Sefton Council to make sure that young people like us have a voice and influence the support we receive.

What the MAD Group said about mental health


“Leaving the care system had a huge impact on my mental health.  I was living on my own with no family or support network.  I had basically gone from a dysfunctional family to living in a happy residential care home to living on my own with a baby.  It’s easy to say ‘go to the doctor, you’re depressed but you’ll be fine’ but it isn’t that easy.  We need lots of different kinds of support available to young people.  The services are just not there yet”



“I felt lonely and sad all of the time.  I really missed my family and worried about them.  I was also stressed about having to live with a new family that I didn’t know”



“Leaving care has really affected my mental health.  I spend a lot of time in my flat alone.  I’m lonely.  When stuff goes wrong I get really stressed out and anxious.  It affects me on a daily basis.  It affects all aspects of my life”



“Living in care can be very stressful and lonely.  I was always unsure about who to trust so I sometimes got in with the wrong crowd.  I craved love.  Worrying about what was happening to my family also played on my mind”



 “I get very anxious and stressed over certain situations.  Living in care I went through many stages of emotion.  I was always apprehensive and worrying about whether my placement would work out or would I have to move again.  It was also very lonely, especially at night”



 “I have suffered with anxiety and depression.  I went through a tough time and felt down and alone.  I had to leave college.  I didn’t find out that I had bad anxiety and depression until I almost lost everything and had pushed everyone away.  Eventually I did see a counsellor but I was moved around a lot before a service was found for me”



“Lonely, Scared, Isolated, Happy”



“I worried all of the time about my Mum.  I thought that I could change the family situation even though I was just a child.  I just needed someone to talk to who was not my Social Worker or a member of my family.  I’m working hard now to make sure others see me as me and not someone who lived in care”



“I felt lonely and depressed.  I also couldn’t trust anyone and was in self-destruct mode.  This turned me into a person that I wasn’t and it took a long time for me to get back to who I really was”