Young people from Sefton took great Pride when they joined thousands of people, organizations and supporters to celebrate Liverpool Pride 2017.

Sefton’s New Beginnings LGBTQ+ Youth Group have once again proudly paraded through the streets of Liverpool for their third annual Pride where they celebrated the very best of International Love, as a way of showing solidarity with the 72 countries that are still to legalise LGBT

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21 young  people from Sefton New Beginnings did the borough proud as they marched through the city streets, standing tall and proud to celebrate who they are.

The event was extra special for one of the team, who was taking part in their first ever pride as an openly trans teen.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We have been proud to be part of the journey that this young person has been on and we are so proud that they are now happy in their own skin.

“Elsewhere we’d love to thank Merseyside Police who have have become a massive part of Liverpool Pride.

“This year saw 200 police officers, staff and cadets take part.

“New Beginnings are lucky enough to have a really good relationship with some of the officers in Merseyside Police, from the Sigma team all the way to the Community Engagement division.

“This year also saw Merseyside Police launch a Rainbow Car, which is actively used as a day to day patrol car which will be raising awareness around Merseyside.

“Once again New Beginnings were lucky enough to be at the launch of the car earlier this year.”