Registration for Make Your Mark Campaign Closes.

Yesterday registration for this year’s Make Your Mark Campaign closed. 10 of our Sefton School’s have registered for the campaign which launches 23rd August and runs through till Noon 9th October.

It is great to see that 10 of our schools (Birkdale High School, Chesterfield High School, Crosby High School, Formby High School, Kings Leadership Academy Hawthornes, Maghull High School, Newfield, Range High School, Savio Salegian College and St Michaels CofE High School) have registered to take part in UK’s largest Youth Consultation, Sefton Youth Service and our two MYP’s will also be going round local Youth Centres and organisations to get young people involved in the vote.

We look forward to engaging with the young people of Sefton to ensure they get the chance of having their voices heard on things that are important to them.


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