New Beginnings loud and proud at Pride 2018

Liverpool Pride is over for another year! Angie and Myself are still recovering and the young people are more than likely still buzzing!

We had a brilliant turn out from our New Beginnings youth group and we also had our young people’s families in attendance with us.

Liverpool Pride was as bright, colourful, loud and vibrant as always. We pretty much had all the seasons in one day, wind, rain, sun and even hail and very aptly a Rainbow!

During the day the young people took part in a photography project with The Open Eye Gallery. Andy and Samera worked with the group helping them to capture the day through images. We are really looking forward to seeing the end product and we’ll keep you updated on this.

It was also great to partner up with our friends, Sefton Sea Cadets. This was the first time they have been encouraged by Sea Cadet Headquarters to be present as an organisation, so it was amazing to have them with us.

We were lucky enough to be joined by our Communications colleague John McCabe who joined us for the march, big thanks to John for his presence and taking some awesome pictures for us.

 Once again being part of the Pride March was  amazing and was such an incredible experience for some of our young people joining for their first time!

Although the majority of the march was positive, unfortunately we did experience some opposition including Anti-trans protesters. Still now, I don’t think people are aware of the amount hate that is within the LGBTQ+ community itself and this for me as a veteran, was so sad to see.

Our young people rose above it though and continued with their own celebrations and enjoyment of the march singing 1,2,3,4 open up the closet door, 5,6,7,8 don’t assume your kids are straight!

Sue Logie

Youth Worker

Targeted Youth Prevention


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