Sefton Youth Stand Together with the North-West

On Saturday 24th June young people from Sefton Youth Cabinet and across the North West came together at the British Youth Council Convention 1 held at Oldham Civic Centre.

The events in Manchester, Grenfell Tower, London Bridge and Finsbury Park have affected thousands of people across the UK.

However through the tragic circumstances a sense of community has been form with people from all walks of life coming together to support each other.

At the meeting the young people discussed the need for everyone to have a better understanding of cultures and religions. On the day young people wrote messages of peace they are sharing via the #westandtogether soical media campaign.

Laura Curren, Sefton Youth Cabinet shared;

“Love is almost like a diamond. Diamonds are near enough impossible to break and destory. However, Love is stronger. Love will not break. Instead love will shine during times of darkness and will bring us peace.”

Young people also looked at their own identity and how this is formed. From where they live, religion, sexuality, heritage and other factors.

The meeting showed that with the right support and environment people can come together to make a difference with groups sharing their ideal curriculum for life.

Sefton supports #westandtogether and #youthstandtogther

If you have been affected by any of the recent events – speak to someone to get support.


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